Mobile Digital Recorder

Mobile Digital Recorder
A robust recorder designed to capture event data and provide evidence against insurance and accident claims, as well as driver behavior.

• Black box recorder with docking station and anti-vibration mounting.
• Up to 500GB recording.
• Live streaming and tracking.

 Camera and Monitor Systems Camera and Monitor Systems
A wide range of versatile camera systems for use in all round visibility
• A range of monitors with various screen options from
single to quad views.
• A maximum of four camera inputs.
• A maximum of five trigger inputs.
• Both camera and monitor are waterproof.
• Shutter options to protect camera lens.
• Infra red LED's for low light usage.
 Vehicle Left Turn Warning  

Vehicle Left Turn Warning
A system designed to save lives
In 2004 accident statistics showed that there were 367 collisions involving both HGVs and cyclists, of these 22 resulted in fatalities, 79 seriously injured and 262 injured.

Most surprising about these statistics is that most of the collisions occured in built up areas, even though just 25% of HGV mileage involves driving through such areas. Almost one third of cyclists killed in London do so through a collision with a HGV.


 BBS-TEK "Whitenoise" Reverse Alarms BBS-TEK “Whitenoise” Reverse Alarms
This unit is one of the safest alarms in the world. This is thanks to their instant locatability and directional sound. This multi-frequency alarm can only be heard in the ‘danger zone’, this therefore eliminates noise disturbances for local residents.