Mobile Digital Recording

The fast pace development and implementation of recording systems is increasingly becoming the norm. Some products we have tested can have software that is confusing and hardware that is big, bulky and difficult to install. ARK's range is HD ready, 4G capable, DIN slot fitting and comes with a range of features which are intuitive and easy to use.

Our recording systems fully integrate with all our CCTV cameras and monitors. They are easily set up and more importantly and easy to use and have software that is user friendly.

They have been proven on countless occasions to provide businesses with all the following benefits:

  • Refute false claims and the "crash for cash" scams
  • Protection for drivers who may have been falsely accused
  • Provides undeniable evidence for court, police and insurance
  • Effective tool for driver training whilst encouraging best practice
  • Deterrent for vandals and thieves
  • Help to identify areas of stock or asset loss
  • Ultimately to lower insurance premiums

ARK FLEETECH LTD has a range of systems from single camera and 4 camera SD card recorders through to 8 channel hard drive systems with up to a 2TB hard drive.

Systems include features such as GPS location on google maps, G Force sensors, analytic tools, report creation tools and much more.

The next generation of systems incorporate live viewing over the 4G network, tracking and telematics tools. Keep an eye out for latest news on these products.