Audible Warning

Reverse Alarms. Left and Right turn warning. Spoken Alarms. BBS-TEK white noise. Alarmalight.

Audible warnings are common place on all types of commercial vehicles now and with so many sounds for so many warnings it's easy to be confused. With this in mind ARK FLEETECH LTD has put together the most effective to help keep us all safe.

To keep FORS and CLOCS compliant we have left and right turn warning alarms that tell other road users that the vehicle is about to turn. We can incorporate your company name into the message to give it the personal touch. Added to this the Alarmalight has flashing built in LED's which alert those who are hard of hearing or wearing accessories such as head phones. The Alarmalight also comes as a reverse alarm with white flashing LED's.

Noise pollution and noise complaints from reverse alarms can be eliminated with the BBS-TEK range of white noise alarms. 82Db - 107Db are available for light vans through to heavy plant. The real advantage of white noise though is the directional, locatable sound which allows you to know exactly where the danger is coming from unlike tonal alarms were the sound bounces everywhere and can be confusing.