ARK Parking and Detection

Front, Side and Rear Proximity Sensors. Radar detection systems. 360 degree camera systems with birds eye view. Mobileye.

Proximity Sensors - These ultrasonic sensors are generally fitted to the front, side or rear of a vehicle to warn the driver that there is an object within a dangerous PROXIMITY of the vehicle. The information given to the driver is given by way of an audible beep and a visual display. We are constantly looking for the latest technology in this area as it is probably one of the fastest growing area's in the industry.

Pulsed Radar - This tech is a more advanced, robust version of ultrasonic sensors. They work better than ultrasonic's in extreme environments and are very reliable. They provide information in the same way as the proximity sensors but are generally used as a reversing aid.

360 "Birds Eye" View - Although this falls under the camera section it is also relevant as a parking aid. When installed the four cameras situated around the top of the vehicle provide a birds eye view with one image all around the vehicle. Practically this system is used as a low speed manoeuvring tool but can be very effective when used correctly. These systems require a specialist installation and can only be installed to a percentage of vehicles.

Mobileye - This system is a highly advanced detection and collision warning system. Using sophisticated algorithms it can detect pedestrian and cyclists, forward collision warning, lane departure and much more. The system can be found in many manufacturers vehicles and also as a retrofit system which ARK FLEETECH LTD can provide with our sister company.