In the waste industry deaths and incidents can be more than ten times the national average, a huge figure you’ll agree. ‘The Health and Safety Executive’ provides a great insite and tells us that...

“Every year a significant number of people are killed by accidents involving vehicles in the workplace and many more people are injured. A lot of damage is also done to property and profit. Better planning, training and awareness and appropriate use of vehicles can avoid most of these accidents.

Your Responsiblity
By law, employers have a general duty to ensure that the health and safety of their employees and members of the general public is notput at risk as a result of the work that they do. By installing the MuniSafe package of safety systems you are not only protecting your work force, vehicles and general public, you are also being seen to try and prevent fatal incidetns and accidents. Below is an overview of the products that Munisafe can offer you and your company, all in the interests of safety.

MuniSafe Products
Single or multiple cameras with digital 5.6” or 7.0” TFT monitors. Options include customer specific triggers and split screen technology.

MuniView +Plus
All the MuniView options with added 4 or 8 channel digital recording. With location, speed and event history, the DVR is the ultimate protection for your company, local authority and workforce, preventing false claims and providing crucial incident evidence in cases. Now with live capabilities.

MuniSafe Alert
LED display boards, eco friendly reverse alarms which help to reduce noise complaints. Pulsed radar units working from 3M to 10M in any environment or weather conditions.



Single or Multi Camera/Monitor Systems

Single or Multi Camera/Monitor Systems
Giving operators the perfect view

These include the side, front and rear views of the vehicle. An internal front pod camera can be mounted, which is able to monitor waste levels. All this is recordable through 4 or 8 channel digital recorders.

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras
These high tech cameras feature infra red cababilities, which can help to aid operators when working in low light conditions. The camera can be seen on the left hand side of this photograph.

Visual Display Boards
Added protection for operators
These innovative boards help to alert and draw attention to the fact that there are workers working in the immediate area of the vehicle.

Eco Friendly Revering Alarms Eco Friendly Reversing Alarms
Helping to reduce noise complaints
• Fewer noise complaints
• Easier to locate the ‘danger area’
• Easier on the ear of the operator